Female Senator Claims 50% Of Congress Must Be Females, And Also This Guy’s Comeback Goes Viral

U.S. Senator from brand new York Kirsten Elizabeth Gillibrand requested the web to imagine “if 50 % of Congress ended up being ladies. If half all mayors and governors had been ladies. Imagine just what might get done.” Her tweet immediately ignited heated conversation about sex variety in politics, getting 75,000 loves and 21,000 retweets, and all sorts of with this huge interest just demonstrates that it is a topic worth debating about.

Gillibrand – that is a Democrat – received nationwide recognition for battling the Pentagon over just how intimate assaults tend to be managed by the usa military. She additionally leads a project, known as “Off the Sidelines” that aids females applicants across her nation. Can you buy into the senator’s statement or perhaps not? Inform us into the opinion area here!

Every thing began with this particular tweet

To which Tyson Davis rapidly reacted

Plus it began escalating

But although some agreed upon the first declaration

Other individuals didn’t

And some commenters also believed that your whole conversation ended up being meaningless

Exactly what do you consider? Is Senator Gillibrand right?

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