Girl Attempts To Make Fun Of The Guy’s Accept Contemporary Feminism, And His Reaction Goes Viral

If your profile on Tumblr says that “Modern Feminism, Progressivism, and Antifa tend to be dangerous embarrassments,” you can more or less guarantee that somebody, sooner or later, will probably call you completely on it. And that’s just what occurred.

“Aw. Aren’t you the cutest?” Wrote someone anonymously. “Men who’re afraid of powerful women can be therefore adorable.” Plainly anticipating this type of reaction, the writer of this weblog established into a long information in what, in accordance with him, comprises a “strong females.” It’s since already been seen over 200k times in only 14 hours, nevertheless the answers have now been blended. Some agree with him, but other people don’t. Exactly what you think? Tell us into the opinions below.

Many people concurred because of the post

But people had various a few ideas

Exactly what do you consider?

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